OwoDaily Review: Making Money on OwoDaily Legit or Scam? [ 2022 Update ]

You are highly welcome to read this honest Owodaily review on our site. If you have been very distrustful of the Owodaily platform all along, this honest and in-depth review would go a long way to clear your doubts regarding how legit or not Owodaily is.

I know that you must have searched for queries like “OwoDaily review” and “Is Owodaily legit or scam”?

Obviously, those two queries, if I am not mistaken, are the exact queries that have landed you on this page you are reading right now. For the benefit of the doubt, it was never a coincidence.

That’s why in this article on Owodaily review, you will completely know everything about Owodaily; how it works, how to get registered, and the juiciest part, how to make money with the Owodaily platform right away.

So, relax and read this Owodaily review with a keen interest before proceeding to join.

The truth is that many online platforms that promise to make one rich are sprouting up on every corner of the internet almost on a daily basis.

Some are legit and do pay, while a larger portion of these sites come with a dubious motive altogether.

Owing to the fraudulent activities ensuing on the internet around the clock, you need to think twice before going all out to join an online platform that promises the high heavens for joining their network, and even so, requests a set amount you must pay before gaining membership access.

Since Owodaily is also synonymous with those platforms that had mischievously duped people on a regular basis, we should stand by the edge and give it a thorough review to avoid investing our hard-earned money in a leaky pocket.

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What is Owodaily About?

Owodaily Review

OwoDaily is a fast-rising digital jobs community where you get paid as a member for completing simple digital tasks on the network.

OwoDaily is a network where people come together to complete digital jobs, push campaigns, earn cash rewards, engage in owodaily village, and shop on market.

OwoDaily can be described as a freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing Marketplace that connects an Advertiser/Business to workers, affiliates, and direct customers in all the resident countries in Africa and the diaspora.

Members get access to apply to the available digital-related jobs which were shared on the network and get paid the set commission after job submissions are approved as successful, While Affiliates earn by promoting products and services on the Owodaily marketplace.

There are multiple ways to earn money on Owodaily such as completing daily tasks, promoting affiliate offers, getting hired to execute digital jobs, or referring people to earn commissions on the platform.

From my viewpoint, Owodaily to the best of my knowledge functions as a middleman between vendors and clients wanting to purchase a service at a set forth price.

Every job listed on the platform has a specific amount that you earn upon every successful completion and approval.

The truth is this, Owodaily wouldn’t thrive or have the resources to pay registered workers on its network if people are not paying to post jobs on the platform.

The concept is quite simple and understandable, on Owodaily you pay to have a task accomplished as a vendor, after which, owodaily pays the individual that executes the job.

Each day multiple jobs are posted on the platform that is accessible only to registered members.

Like I said earlier on, these jobs are simple jobs that require minimal effort to complete, and you can do them with ease.

OwoDaily Review: How Does it Work?

Not minding the fact that you have understood the concept behind owodaily, I would also proceed to enlighten you more so that you wouldn’t feel indecisive in any way.

Talking about how owodaily works, the platform isn’t far from other freelancing and affiliate network platforms.

Relating on my observations whilst working with the platform, I believe that the motive behind the creation of Owodaily is to have vendors sell their services to individuals willing to perform them at a specified price.

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If there aren’t vendors willing to bring their services on owodaily for promotion, there isn’t going to be any means of them generating money to pay their registered members.

Owodaily uses its medium to connect advertisers with publishers with minimal effort.

Initially, there weren’t many job listings available on the platform as a result of popularity and trust deficit issues on the side of the people.

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Right about now, many vendors are posting jobs regularly on Owodaily and lots of people are becoming aware of the platform and are registering altogether.

You earn a minimum of N5 and a maximum of N2,000 per task you complete on owodaily as a publisher; you are able to request a payout once you reach the threshold of N5,000, and withdrawals are processed every week.

Owodaily registration doesn’t come free as you would have to pay a fixed rate of N3,000 which grants you lifetime access to all the exclusive offers enjoyed by every registered member on the network.

That’s not all. You also have access to an invite link for referring people to the platform. Just like every other online program that pays a certain referral bonus for bringing in new members to their network, Owodaily pays you N3,000 for each individual that signs up through your link.

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What Jobs are Available on Owodaily?

Owodaily Review

The image above shows a list of some of the jobs that are available on owodaily, which only registered members have access to.

Since I got into the platform I have come across jobs like…

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels
  • Commenting on Facebook posts
  • App sign-up requests
  • Downloading apps on the Google Play store
  • Streaming songs on Spotify
  • Taking online surveys
  • Promotions on Twitter
  • Creating online content, etc.

OwoDaily Review: A Description of Available Jobs


Each job listed on Owodaily has its own description and processes, which you are advised to adhere to if you must successfully complete any task and get approved at the end of the day.

In this section, I will give you a little breakdown and exposition on the jobs listed above so you can know what they entail and how to complete them successfully.

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A. Subscribing to Youtube Channels

Among the jobs available on Owodaily is subscribing to a youtube channel.

If you are familiar with how Youtube works especially for content creators who publish videos on youtube regularly, getting subscribers, views, and comments are very vital for success.

Owing to this, content creators on youtube are sourcing genuine ways to get more subscribers, views, and comments to enable their content to rank well on Youtube.

Here is where Owodaily comes in. Owodaily has made available the much-needed platform for YouTubers and content creators to leverage and get what they need to succeed.

To get started driving subscribers to your Youtube channel as a content creator, you just have to apply for a basic membership account with Owodaily, click on “post a job,” fill in the required information, and have your job posted.

Owodaily charges you a specific amount for posting jobs on the platform which I believe isn’t pocket-tearing. The applied charge is needed to pay registered members who directly complete your tasks on the platform.

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B. Commenting on Facebook posts

There are many contests going on on Facebook and for you to emerge victoriously you would be needing lots of comments and likes.

These likes and comments are rathered counted as upvotes and are then awarded to the contestant. If you have any of such contests going on you can leverage the Owodaily platform to get as many comments and likes as possible.

Like every other action you perform on Owodaily, you will first have your account created. With your account already set up, you can proceed to post a job alongside the description and a link to the job.

C. App Sign-up Requests

Every job on the Owodaily platform is more of a survey job which is not limited to a sign-up request on varieties of apps.

Among the jobs, you are to come across is a request to sign up and download certain apps on the Google play store through a link provided by the job vendor.

In most cases, you are requested to input a referral code which is made available in the job description. Upon successful completion of the said job, you are required to upload proofs which are usually snapshots taken at every certain stage of the task.

D. Downloading apps on the Google play store

This job, some worth is synonymous with the previous job mentioned above. On this one, you can be asked to leave a positive comment about a particular app on the Google play store.

These comments and positive reviews are needed to give such an app a good rating thereby cementing its existence on the Google play store.

So, if you have an app that you really want to see gain downloads and a good rating, you can post it on Owodaily and have the community members do the job for you.

E. Streaming Songs on Spotify

Spotify as we all know is a giant online music streaming platform where you can publish your songs and have a good number of people streaming them online.

Spotify would never hype your songs if people are not streaming, liking, and commenting on them.

To prevent your songs from dying a natural death, you can now have them posted as a job on Owodaily.

All you do is to pay a set forth fee to Owodaily, and Owodaily would have your job listed alongside others, while the community members do the streaming of your songs on Spotify.

F. Taking online surveys

As a worker on Owodaily, you can be asked to perform tasks on surveys most of the time. People want to know your opinion about certain issues or products, so they post questionnaires on Owodaily requesting an honest answers from the community.

G. Promotions on Twitter

Among the tasks I have performed severally on Owodaily is promoting a Twitter account. In this type of job you are asked to like, comment, or follow a certain Twitter handle.

Every job is carried out based on the vendor’s description and directives. Note, that you are to be bound by the rules given by the vendor at all times.

H. Creating Online Contents

As a blogger or active content creator, you can leverage the Owodaily platform to have your articles written by a network of workers available on the platform.

To achieve this, proceed to have your job posted on Owodaily after you must have created your account. You are guaranteed workers who are willing to perform your job instantly.

Perhaps, this is a snap of the type of tasks you are expected to complete when you finally get on board the platform.

Once you have completed your registration, locate the header menu and click on jobs Available jobs, the screenshot above is exactly what you should be seeing.

Once you have gotten to this stage, take your time to survey the jobs that are listed there until you are able to uncover the ones that interest you, then proceed to have them completed.

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How to Use Owodaily to Make Money

Despite the fact that this platform is relatively a new one; the potential of making money on owodaily is quite huge all the same.

Since I started using this platform I have completed a few tasks, and I have received my payment for all the tasks I completed.

So, if you think that this platform isn’t paying or is looking like one of those sites with another fishy motive, I guess you are wrong.

Judging by what I have seen so far, I stand to dispute the fact that Owodaily isn’t paying its members as I have friends who are making money on Owodaily, therefore you have nothing to fear.

With a presence in over thirteen countries and still counting, Owodaily has proven to be a reliable source where you can make money on the side.

Among the things, you can do and get paid on owodaily are…

1. Completing tasks

Completing digital jobs (tasks) on Owodaily is indeed one of the assuring ways to make money working on the platform as a member.

Like I said before now, jobs are posted on Owodaily for the members to execute. Once you complete any job and the job is approved upon submission, you receive your payment.

Another interesting thing I discovered is that when the vendor doesn’t approve your submission after five days, it is auto-approved by Owodaily.

You can sign up and keep completing different jobs, cumulatively, you would still make good money from the platform.

Here is a snapshot of the jobs I have completed so far.

Owodaily Review

Note, that before you could gain access to do anything on Owodaily you must become a registered member, so take this opportunity to Sign up on Owodaily to start making money.

2. Referring People to Owodaily

This is actually the affiliation part of the system. Owodaily pays you an affiliate commission for every new member that sign-up through your referral link.

Although this is similar to every other online earning platform out there, Owodaily’s commission rate is quite attractive when compared with several other platforms.

Owodaily rewards you with over 50% commission of N3000 which is equivalent to your sign-up fee.

This simply means that you get paid a flat fee of N3000 for each person that signs up through your link.

Also, you can refer people to the owodaily marketplace and get paid for it. Once you open an account with owodaily you automatically have access to their affiliate program.

3. Promoting Your Business

Owodaily is a vast digital platform where anyone can promote varieties of businesses. If you have any existing business that you want to draw more traction to you can use Owodaily to do just that.

However, the only limitation to this is that you do not sign up as a member of the community.

If you already have an account, you can post your business on the platform while the community members help you gain more exposure for your business.

4. Join the Partner Program

The Owodaily partner program gives you the license to create and distribute gift cards to all new and existing users.

You wouldn’t just go about doing this. First of all, you need to get approval, and for you to get approval, you need to submit your application to [email protected].”

This is the owodaily support department, whose job it is to carefully review your application before making further considerations.

There are still other ways you can make money on owodaily, and this is only possible when you sign up and get on board the platform.

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What is Owodaily Village?

Another section that exists on the Owodaily platform is what is called the Village.

The village is an online social community where members can interact and freely discuss a wide range of topics that interest them.

You can follow your favorite members to keep up to date on what they are sharing and engage with them on topics you are interested in.

How to Get Registered on Owodaily

If your fear is whether Owodaily is a legit platform to make money or not, you have nothing to fear at all because Owodaily has been proven to be legit by myself and a host of many others using the network.

Let me remind you that this is not my website or my business either. Therefore, I stand to gain nothing whatsoever by luring you to join Owodaily if, in fact, it was a scam site.

At the same time, you need to seize the opportunity while it lasts. Here is how to get registered on owodaily and have your account activated before 48 hours.

If you are ready to join the network to start making money, head over to the Owodaily official website to sign up for an account.

Click on the “Become a Member” button and proceed to fill in your details on the next interface that prompts up.


The screenshot above is what you are meant to see when you are about to get registered.

During signing up, you are required to fill in your name and necessary official details, including your bank name and account number for receiving your payment.

Check the terms and conditions box to proceed with your registration. Upon successful registration, an email is sent to your provided email address. Click on the email to confirm your registration.

The next phase is where you activate your membership by paying a lifetime fee of N3,000 or N13,000 for the Owodaily+ account. I will tell you about the Owodaily+ account as we proceed.


At this point, you should proceed to sign up for the basic membership account with the registration fee of N3,000.

What is the Owodaily Basic Membership Account?

I would still have to reiterate this again for clarity purposes.

The basic membership account comes with a signup fee of N3,000, which also gives you access to all the exclusive features enjoyed by every registered member, such as permission to complete digital jobs, referral earnings as a network affiliate, and digital academy access.

All paid members have access to earn via invites (i.e., being a network affiliate). You earn set commissions on direct and sub-level invites.

What is the Owodaily+ Account?

Before you are allowed to join the Owodaily plus plan, you must become a member of the network by registering.

Becoming an Owodaily plus member grants you access to all the products and services available in the marketplace area.

An OwoDaily plus account allows members to sell products and services from verified vendors and earn a commission or get cash back when making personal purchases on the OwoDaily Market.

That is not all. You also have at your disposal a personal affiliate manager whose job is to oversee your account, with numerous other benefits such as a real-time report of all your sales, you get to see the best performing global offers to choose from, you earn high commissions as a network affiliate, access to all products in the market place, etc.

If you are a blogger, content creator, or affiliate marketer, the Owodaily plus plan would be a good fit for you.

Registration for the Owodaily plus account costs N13,000. You can also upgrade your account to Owodaily plus at any time.

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Owodaily

Once you have reached the payment threshold of N5,000, withdrawing your funds to your local bank account is as easy as 1.

The only limitation you will have is to send a withdrawal request when you have not reached the N5,000 threshold set by Owodaily.

Withdrawals are processed on a net-7 basis (i.e. every Friday) and you can withdraw directly to any local bank here in Nigeria.

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Owodaily Review: The Pros & Cons of the Platform

Perhaps this Owodaily review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t point out the pros and cons associated with using the platform as a member.

The Pros

The good sides of using this platform are numerous. Apart from making money on Owodaily, the usability and legality aspects should also interest you.

  • Owodaily is suitable for all mobile devices.
  • Owodaily is duly registered and regulated by CAC with B3185497.
  • Owodaily has a fast website and good functionality.
  • It has an active online support system.
  • You can cash out big if you dedicate time to it.
  • One-time payment to be a lifetime member of the platform.

The Cons

Since I have been working with this platform, honestly, I have never encountered any downsides whatsoever. The only limitation to making money on Owodaily should be self-driven and not otherwise.

And they include the following…

  • Laxity towards completing jobs on the platform
  • lack of time to work on Owodaily.
  • Refusal to get registered
  • Inability to refer others to the network (optional).

If you are still undecided about joining the platform before now, this honest review should be enough to compel you to do so. Click here to get registered to start making money on Owodaily.

Owodaily Review (Conclusion)

Owodaily is a very legit platform where you can make money online here in Nigeria and in many other countries in Africa and the diaspora.

For you to get accepted on the platform, you would have to register with the sum of N3,000, which is a lifetime fee that grants you access to all the exclusive offers available on the network.

If you have the time to complete tasks online and make money, Owdaily is a reliable source to start with.

As I previously stated, the only limitation to making money with Owodialy is that it is self-driven and dependent on the amount of time you devote to it.

So, if you have the time to spend, why not spend it where you can also make money doing so? Why not sign up with Owodaily now and start making money in your spare time?

If you want to find a handful of other well-paying online businesses you can do this year and make money, click here.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to enable them to get on board and start making money with Owodaily.

What do you think about the owodaily network? You can go ahead to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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